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Foshan Bossnel Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, we are one of the companies which entering VR/AR industry and specializing in VR/AR hardware technology research and development earliest. We provide customers with  AR intelligent hardware, advanced panoramic cameras, head mounted displays, all-in-one VR devices , Mobile VR products and services, successfully building brands including Bossnel, VRlove etc. In the meanwhile,we also reach a cooperative relationship with Ali Buy+, JD VR industry alliance, iQIY and Nplay.

As a domestic advocate for VR/AR industry, we aim to build a complete VR/AR ecological chain, so we mainly produce panoramic camera for photography and all-in-one VR device for playing. With a high level Andriod and optical module R&D team, we have been launched AR game handle, panoramic cameras for sports and for Andriod ,  all-in -one VR devices of X1 for double-sreen, X6 for high-clear, X7 for Super-clear,X8 for lightweight to meet the requirements of veriety of consumers. With continuous creativity, we try to be one of the leading brands of VR/AR hardware in Chinese market,and set up the industry image in quality, service, and distribution etc. Our porducts  are popular in the United States, Russia, Europe, Southeast Asia and other major domestic and international markets.

Outside the internet sales, we make a lots of effords to guiding  the combination of VR/AR hardware and Industry application. How to make VR/AR technology to play more important role in traditional manufacturing industry application, is the key growth point of VR/AR industry.  So we build our marketing center in Shunde, Foshan,  so we can rely on the traditional manufacturing community in the Pearl River Delta . we commit to bring the new marketing method of "VR/AR+marketing" into more traditional manufacturing industries.

By using the VR/AR technology to show products to consumers in the sale process, Merchandise display will get rid of the limit of physical commodity, it can save more profit for a lot of companies.Just like smart phones changed the word, VR/AR technology will also penetrate into all areas of society, creating the era of VR/AR consuming by changing the way how people consume thoroughly. This brand new way will be the main way of marketing in the future, almost every brands and companies will use VR technology to promoting consumption ,which means we have a great market potential. 

The goal of our company is creating a world-leading brand. To make this goal, we will continue to focus on research and development of VR/AR application technology, and try our best to making more and more high quality products for more people.
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